VideoSense Grand Challenge 2015

Task Description    
Recent popularity of mini-drones and their rapidly increasing adoption in various areas, including photography, news reporting, cinema, mail delivery, cartography, agriculture, and military, raises concerns for privacy protection and personal safety. Input to the task is drone video, and output is version of the video which protects privacy while retaining key information about the event or situation recorded.

Task description: 
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Target Group
Those working in image/video processing and video-analytics for privacy protection applications.

Task schedule
15 May: Development data release 
15 June: Test data release
20 July: Run submission
28 August: Working notes paper deadline
14-15 September MediaEval 2015 Workshop

Task Organisers
Atta Badii (UoR), Touradj Ebrahimi (EPFL), Christian Fedorczak (Thales Communications & Security), Pavel Korshunov (EPFL), Tomas Piatrik (QMUL), Volker Eiselein (TUB), Ahmed Al-Obaidi (UoR).