ISR is organising a special session at the DSP which seeks to open up new perspectives on ways and means whereby privacy-respecting compliance can best be aided through image processing and pattern recognition algorithms and techniques that enhance the privacy protection as an inherent property of the Video Content Analysis process.

The aim is to provide insights relating to the problems of automatic decision making in privacy-aware systems by examining the achievable accuracy of different State-of-the-Art signal processing, pattern recognition and ontology-based techniques and presenting new approaches to enhancing privacy protection capability of such systems as well as assessment of impacts of achievable automated privacy protection levels  

Accordingly the proposed special session will also present new image processing and computer vision algorithms as well as frameworks and architectures to be used in privacy-respecting video analytics solutions.  

Co-Chairs: Prof. Atta Badii, University of Reading, UK; Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi, EPFL, Professor Jean-Luc Dugelay, Christian Fedorczak, Diego Fernandez Vazquez, Dr Ivo Keller

Programme Committee: Co-Chairs, Prof Ebroul Izquierdo, Professor Thomas Sikora, Claudia Araimo, Mathieu Einig, Dr Pavel Korshunov, Dr Tomas Piatrik


Link: DSP 2013