Work-flow Responsive Multi-modal Semantic Media Indexing and Retrieval

This was a UK-TSB-funded project which built on the achievements of the UKRC-funded DREAM project (Dynamic Retrieval, Analysis & Semantic Metadata Management)

The Content Safari research programme has had to address the challenges of auto-tagging including graceful semi-automated man-in-the loop semantic-collateral labelling applied to the typically huge search spaces that film production industry practitioners have to deal with in storing, managing and searching through digital media archives to discover a particular media asset of interest at any time. This research programme addresses the multi-modal labelling, search and retrieval of video assets as a workflow-embedded support architecture particularly for creative video production to serve the film, TV and advertising sectors.

Project Details

Project funded by: The UK Technology Strategy Board
Project Duration: 10/09 - 03/12
Project Partners: University of Reading, Root 6, ROOT6, Parthenon Entertainment Ltd