2020 3D Media: Spatial Sound and Vision

2020 3D Media will research, develop and demonstrate novel forms of compelling entertainment experiences based on new technologies for the capture, production, networked distribution and display of three-dimensional sound and images. The goal is to explore and develop novel technologies to support the acquisition, coding, editing, networked distribution, and display of stereoscopic and immersive audio-visual content providing novel forms of compelling entertainment at home or in public spaces. The users of the resulting technologies will be both media industry professionals across the current film, TV and ‘new media’ sectors producing programme material as well as the general public.

The media industry knows that astonishing the public is still a route to large audiences and financial success. It is believed that high quality presentation of stereoscopic or immersive images in the home and in public entertainment spaces (such as cinemas) can offer previously unimagined levels of experience. The potential advantages of spatialised stereoscopic or immersive entertainment systems include:

  • Heightened reality and a renewed sense of presence, putting the spectator at the heart of a more exciting experience
  • The ability for the spectator to navigate a virtualized world that has a complete sense of reality
  • The ability to change things in this world once it has been created
  • The ability to repurpose and deploy multi-dimensional content in different contexts

Project Details

Project funded by: EU
Project Duration: 03/08 - 02/12
Project Partners: Barcelona Media Centre d'Innovació (E),  Grass Valley Nederland B.V. (NL), Technicolor R&I (D), Digital Projection Ltd. (GB), DTS Europe (GB), Highland Technologies (F), Mediaproduccion S.L. (E), Creative Workers (BE), Universiteit Hasselt (BE), Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. (D), JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft GmbH (A), The University of Reading (GB), Datasat Communications Ltd (GB)
Project Homepage: www.20203dmedia.eu