Multi-modal and multi-sensor zero-distraction interaction interface for two-wheeled vehicles on the move

MoveON investigates the application of multi-modal and multi-sensor zero-distraction interfaces for enabling 2-wheel vehicle drivers to access online, in real-time and taking into account on the road safety issues, services and information resources in three languages. It will also support the complimentary use of speech, head nods and tactile modalities pushing beyond the state-of-the-art for motorcycle set-ups. The intended project target users are the police force motorcyclists and motorcycle riders in all walks of life.

The MoveOn environment comprises of the MoveOn helmet interface, middleware to manage multi-modal and multi-sensor data and application scenarios targeting:

  • Police motorcyclists’ needs
  • Multi-modal and multi-sensor middleware
  • Robust speech-processing
  • Multi-sensor fusion
  • Driving risk estimation
  • Information channelling on a zero distraction interface

Project Details

Project funded by: EU
Project Duration: 11/06 - 10/09
Project Partners: Systema Technologies S.A.(GR),Pininfarina S.p.A(I),University of Reading (GB),Microtech International Ltd (PL), Fraunhofer Institut Intelligente Analyse-und Informationssysteme [IAIS] (D).University of Patras, The Wire Communications Laboratory(GR),West Midlands Police Authority Birmingham (GB),Thales Communications S.A.(FR)
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