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Experiential Living Lab for the Internet of Things 

The ELLIoT (Experiential Living Lab for the Internet of Things) project aims to develop an Internet of Things (IoT) experiential platform where users/citizens are directly involved in co-creating, exploring and experimenting new ideas, concepts and technological artefacts related to IoT applications and services. ELLIoT will allow studying the potential impact of IoT and the Future Internet in the context of the Open User Centred Innovation paradigm and of the Living Lab approach.

The ELLIoT Experiential approach will be explored and its technology platform experimented within different use cases belonging to three different sectors, namely Wellbeing, Logistics, and Environment, in order to validate the capacity for users/citizens to co-create IoT based services. Starting from these three cases, we expect that the ELLIoT project will significantly contribute to a new, user-centric approach to new product/service development in IT by through its experiential IT platform, suitable to be progressively extended to other sectors and industrial domains.

Project Details

Project funded by: EU
Project Duration: 09/10 - 02/13
Project Partners: TXT-Polymedia (I), the University of Nottingham (UK), the University of Reading (UK), INRIA (F), BIBA (D), Collaborative Engineering (I), Vulog (F), Fondazione S. Raffaele del Monte Tabor (I), FING (F).
Project Homepage: www.elliot-project.eu