Virtual Centre of Excellence for Ethically-guided and Privacy-respecting Video Analytics in Security

VideoSense will integrate leading European research groups to create a long-term open integration of critical mass in the twin areas of Ethically-Guided, and, Privacy Preserving Video Analytics where the advent of new data intelligence technologies against the background of dynamic societal and citizen’s goals, norms, expectations, safety and security needs have all contributed to a complex interplay of influences which deserve in-depth study and solution seeking in order for the European society, citizen and industry to strike the optimal balance in resolution of the various challenges in this arena.

Accordingly VideoSense provides for:

  1. Fostering increased sustainable relationships between existing national research groups;
  2. Momentum building by integrating existing researchers and resources to push forward new paradigms and the knowledge basis for the resolution of ethically guided, sense-ful, selective, useful, cost–effective solutions to society’s security needs;
  3. Establishing a Virtual Centre of Excellence and expandable framework, based on Pan-European integration of complementary expertise and optimisation of shared, flexible modular and inter-connected resources including knowhow, laboratories and people to support collaborative research and agenda setting;
  4. Two external Boards of Industrial and Scientific Advisors to keep the targeted research focused and responsive to the needs of the European citizen, society and industry;
  5. Establishing a standard framework for Ethical Compliance Audit Management based on a suitably evolved Compliance Audit Maturity Model (CAMM) and associated Training and Certification services as both a service to organisations and revenue streams to ensure longer-term sustainability of the Video-Analytics Centre of Excellence.

The VideoSense Virtual Centre of Excellence will play a significant role in this by bringing together a critical mass of leading experts and resources that will foster significant advances in the domain of ethically-aware data and video analytics with a synergic and integrated approach. VideoSense efforts will fill capability gaps and provide clear added-value to security needs both from the technical perspective as well as from the ethical and regulatory one; in VideoSense the respect of privacy and civil liberties will be both a guiding principle as well as part of the delivered results.

Project Details

Project funded by: EU
Project Duration: 05/11 - 04/15
Project Partners: The University of Reading (GB), Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London (GB), EURECOM (F), Thales Security Solutions & Services SAS (F), Ingeniera de Sistemas para la Defensa de Espana SA (E), Technical University Berlin (D), Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (CH), International Forum for Biophilosophy (BE)
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