Interactive Multimedia Environment for Technology Enhanced Music Education and Creative Collaborative Composition and Performance

i-Maestro project aims to explore novel solutions for music training in both theory and performance, building on recent innovations resulting from the development of computer and information technologies, by exploiting new pedagogical paradigms with cooperative and interactive self-learning environments, gestural interfaces, and augmented instruments, with computer-assisted tuition in classrooms to offer technology-enhanced environments for ear- and practical-training, creativity-, analysis-, and theory-training, ensemble playing, composition, etc.

The main technical objectives of the projects include: basic research and development on new solutions and enabling technologies to support traditional pedagogical paradigms for music training; novel pedagogical paradigms, such as cooperative-working, self-learning and class-studying, with particular focus on Symbolic Training paradigms and Practice Training paradigms for string instruments exploring interactive, gesture-based, and creative tools; and a framework for technology-enhanced music educational models and tools to support the creation of flexible and personalisable e-learning courses to improve accessibility to the musical knowledge.

Project Details

Project funded by: EU
Project Duration: 10/05 - 09/08
Project Partners: ICSRiM - University of Leeds (GB), Fundación Albéniz (Es),Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia - Fondazione (IT),Universita' Degli Studi Di Firenze - Dipartimento Di Sistemi e Informatica (I),Extreme Information Technology (I), The Dutch Federation of Libraries for the Blind (NL), University of Reading (GB),Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique (FR), City University (GB), Sibelius Software Ltd (GB)
Project Homepage: www.imaestro.org

Multi-modal and multi-sensor zero-distraction interaction interface for two-wheeled vehicles on the move

MoveON investigates the application of multi-modal and multi-sensor zero-distraction interfaces for enabling 2-wheel vehicle drivers to access online, in real-time and taking into account on the road safety issues, services and information resources in three languages. It will also support the complimentary use of speech, head nods and tactile modalities pushing beyond the state-of-the-art for motorcycle set-ups. The intended project target users are the police force motorcyclists and motorcycle riders in all walks of life.

The MoveOn environment comprises of the MoveOn helmet interface, middleware to manage multi-modal and multi-sensor data and application scenarios targeting:

  • Police motorcyclists’ needs
  • Multi-modal and multi-sensor middleware
  • Robust speech-processing
  • Multi-sensor fusion
  • Driving risk estimation
  • Information channelling on a zero distraction interface

Project Details

Project funded by: EU
Project Duration: 11/06 - 10/09
Project Partners: Systema Technologies S.A.(GR),Pininfarina S.p.A(I),University of Reading (GB),Microtech International Ltd (PL), Fraunhofer Institut Intelligente Analyse-und Informationssysteme [IAIS] (D).University of Patras, The Wire Communications Laboratory(GR),West Midlands Police Authority Birmingham (GB),Thales Communications S.A.(FR)
Project Homepage: www.m0ve0n.net

Conveying Affectiveness in Leading-Edge Living Adaptive Systems

The CALLAS Integrated Project aims to design and to develop a multimodal architecture including emotional aspects, to support applications in the new media business scenario, with an “ambient intelligence” paradigm. The general vision underlining CALLAS Project is that a new media can produce an effective enhancement of people participation in Content, Media and Social interaction. In some way, if an old media is something static in the user experience; instead a New Media is a dynamic process that increases interaction and communication between users and technology. This dynamism implies a strong attention for all interface and interaction aspects. CALLAS will analyse, understand, and advance this participation, including all the emotional aspects relevant human communication processes.

One of the interesting factors for human emotional interaction is the space, where this interaction takes place. For this reason the scenarios chosen for CALLAS are all relevant different typologies of space: theatres, home, squares, festivals etc. CALLAS goal is to bridge the gap between the emerging capacity of conveying emotional aspects within multi modal interaction and the growing expectations of people for more natural and pervasive interaction with digital media applications in intelligent adaptive spaces.

A video of the final demonstator can be found here.

Project Details

Project funded by: EU
Project Duration: 11/06 - 04/10
Project Partners: Engineering S.p.A (I), VTT Electronics (FI),BBC (UK), Metaware S.p.A.(I), Studio Azzurro(I), XIM Ltd(UK), Digital Video(I), Humanware(I), Nexture Consulting(I), University of Augsburg(D), National Technical University of Athens,Institute of Communications and Computer Systems(GR),University of Mons(B), University of Teesside(UK),Helsinki University of Technology (FI), Université de Paris 8, IUT Montreuil(F), Scuola Normale Superiore(I), University of Reading(UK), Fondazione Teatro Massimo(I), HIT Laboratory New Zealand(NZ)
Project Homepage: www.callas-newmedia.eu

Counter-Terrorism Identification and Advanced Tracking System using the Analysis of Communication, Financial and Travel Data

The i-TRACS project aims to improve the competitiveness of EU private & public organisations in the field of anti-terrorism and homeland security by the research and technological development of an innovative advanced tracking system consolidating and integrating multiple information data sources. The application of a wide spectrum of data sources offers a new level of efficiency.

i-TRACS will rely on a strong Consortium and User Advisory Group to provide technology, regulatory and market watches, to develop acceptable socially intelligent S&T innovations towards workable solutions.

The challenge lies in balancing the need for surveillance with the need for protecting civil liberties and the privacy of the ordinary citizen.

The i-TRACS Consortium has the confluence of expertise to fully expect to achieve unique and novel
solutions (prototype) to empower the required and justifiable data intelligence gathering and linking of evidence in order to track and hopefully halt prima facie suspected criminal activities.

i-TRACS involves a wide range of users and stakeholders representing a broad spectrum of interests, cultural heritage and technical background such as public organisations, criminology, security and financial experts, as well as civil liberties groups to ensure the safeguarding of the Legal and Ethical
standards in the design and development of i-TRACS innovative framework.

i-TRACS will lay the foundations for how data from multiple sources – but with a common thread – can be retrieved, selectively combined in a socio-ethically responsible way, analysed and such intelligence used to optimise the identification of prima facie suspect, or known, terrorists and the tracking of their activities.

i-TRACS will deliver a “shoe box” Demonstrator (prototype) comprising the tools and technologies for selected end-user scenarios to prove the need, feasibility, relevance and efficiency of the above approach. This will be done by a method called “war gaming”, which derived from the field of military operations research. Some project members will elect to “play” the role of aggressors and attempt to realise their goals.

Project Details

Project funded by: EU
Project Duration: 01/07 - 12/08
Project Partners: CICOM (F), AQSACOM (F), BAE Systems (GB), Thorpeglen (GB), IPIPAN (Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences) (PL), Northamptonshire Police Authority (GB), Privacy International (GB), Pride S.p.A (I), Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HU), The University of Reading (GB)

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